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Verónica Escudero joined the Research Department of the International Labour Organization as an Economist in 2008 and today she is acting Chief of the Labour Market Trends and Policy Evaluation Unit. She is an economist specialized on the analysis and evaluation of labour market and social policies. She studies the effectiveness of labour market and social protection policies on job quality and social conditions, with views to understanding what policies work and under what circumstances and contributing to national policy formulation. Some of the questions driving her latest research include: What design and delivery characteristics drive effective activation measures? Does leveraging complementarities between policies foster their beneficial effect? Over the past 10 years, her worked has covered a wide geographical range, but her latest work on impact evaluation has an emerging and developing country focus. Dr. Escudero was previously a Research Officer at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva and an Analyst at the Macroeconomic and Financial Consulting firm Multienlace in her home country Ecuador. She holds a Ph.D in Economics from Paris School of Economics and EHESS-École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, a MSc. in International Economics from the University Pierre-Mendès France and a MSc. in Economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.

Expériences professionnelles

Senior economist

International Labour Organization , Geneva - Autres

De Août 2008 à Aujourd'hui

• In charge of the Policy evaluation team of the Labour Market Trends and Policy Evaluation Unit, which counts with 4-5 junior researchers and aims at (i) assessing what labour market and social policies work best to improve participants’ outcomes, and (ii) providing policy makers with evidence-based policy advice.

• Lead a research project on the effectiveness of active labour market policies (ALMPs) in Latin America that aims to shed light on the effects of these policies on improving labour market outcomes of participants and living conditions of their families more broadly by means of impact evaluations of a number of activation policies:

• Co-authored the Country Review of Spain, which discusses how strong and well-designed employment, labour and social protection measures are central – in combination with supportive macroeconomic policy – to building sustainable, job-rich and equitable growth.

• Co-authored the Country Review of Kenya, which examined how employment and social policies could contribute to a more stable and equitable growth pattern in a country where the unstable economic growth has adversely affected formal job creation and hampered improvements in living standards, particularly among Kenyan youth.

• Contributed to the World of Work Report 2008 to 2013 with chapters analyzing various labour-related issues such as expenditure and revenue compositions as a tool to boost decent work prospects; factors underlying the growing disconnect between profits and investment trends around the world; the nature and depth of the jobs crisis; and the role of financial globalization as a driver of income inequality.

• Applied existing multivariate econometric models designed to analyze and evaluate global economic and employment dynamics. And drafted reports describing the main outcomes of the quantitative analysis.

Acting chief of the labour market trends and policy evaluation unit.

International Labour Organization , Geneva - Autres

De Octobre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

• I'm the acting Chief of the Labour Market Trends and Policy Evaluation Unit. The Unit counts with 9-10 researchers organized in two teams: (1) The Labour Market Trends team is in charge of providing a global overview of recent trends and projections of key labour market indicators, through the estimation of the ILO Trends Econometric Model (TEM). (2) The Policy Evaluation team works to assess the effectiveness of labour market policies and institutions principally through impact evaluations, with views to providing governments with evidence-based policy advice of “what works” and under which specific circumstances in their efforts to improve labour market and social outcomes of men and women.

• In addition, I lead a research project that aims to shed light on the effectiveness of combining income support measures with active labour market policies (ALMPs) as a means to address a wide range of labour market and social challenges, using microeconometric evaluations of country specific measures.

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École hautes études en sciences sociales – Doctorat 3e cycle – Sciences économiques – -0001 – DOCTORAT EN ANALYSE ET POLITIQUE ECONOMIQUES


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